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To combat kidney disease

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Why Red Socks you ask? 

Right now, there is no cure for kidney disease so once diagnosed with kidney failure, many people will have to spend long periods of time undertaking dialysis.

On average people with kidney disease spend 60 hours a month on dialysis, strapped to a machine that cleans their blood.

Although it’s a life-saving treatment that is essential in keeping patients alive, the aftermath can leave them feeling extremely fatigued, unwell, dizzy and nauseous. Whilst on dialysis, a person's body will get very cold, particularly their feet.

So, this October let your ankles do the talking and wear your Red Socks to show people living with kidney disease you care.

Lesley was diagnosed with kidney disease when she was 29 years old, not long after she got home from her honeymoon. 

Remember, it’s your race at your pace. Whether you choose to run, walk or ride the 60km in October, you’ll be helping to raise awareness and funds for kidney disease.





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