Host your Big Red BBQ and help raise funds for better kidney health

It’s time to raise awareness of the importance of good kidney health, and support the treatments and research that can give Australians living with kidney disease the chance to live their best lives. 

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Raised to improve kidney health

How it works

Step 1

Register to host your Big Red BBQ

Step 2

Pick a date and start inviting your friends and family to attend 

Step 3

Raise funds that will improve kidney health 

Why host a Big Red BBQ?

90% of your kidney function can be lost before you experience any symptoms

By hosting a Big Red BBQ, YOU have the opportunity to start the conversation about better kidney health. 

Your BBQ will help raise vital funds to support programs and research that can give Australians living with kidney disease the chance to live their best life.

Our Top Tips

Set the date and invite your guests - Send out personal invites or create a facebook event with all the deets. Whatever you decide, it's important to get your invites out in plenty of time. Make sure you print or download our free invitation tempates.

Spread the word-  Make sure to share your fundraising page with friends and family via social media, ask everyone for donations - even if they’re unable to attend.

Shout it from the rooftops! You might even inspire someone else to have their own Big Red BBQ, meaning you’ll be making an even bigger impact.

Decorate- Nothing says fun like decorations. Deck the place in red - you can download our posters and bunting. Add some streamers to get everyone in the mood. You could even make it fancy dress!

Get creative -
On the day of your BBQ play some games or host a raffle. This is a great way to assist with your fundraising. 

Try a new recipe - Stuck for what to serve, try one of our healthly, kidney friendly recipes 

Who you will be supporting

I have diabetic kidney disease. I developed type 1 diabetes at the age of 8, almost 9.

When I experienced pre-eclampsia during two pregnancies in my early 30s, I began having problems related to my kidneys.I was huge with fluid retention, but I managed to produce two healthy children.

Since then, I have been referred to a renal specialist and started medication to slow the progress of my renal failure. I eventually needed permanent dialysis, and have been on dialysis for four years now.

I am currently undergoing tests to asses my suitability for a kidney transplant.

This May I was also lucky to have my first long  holiday for the first time in four years. I booked a 2 week trip with the Big Red Kidney Bus to Bright, Victoria.

Linda - 60

I was born with just one kidney that only worked at about 50%. This was due to a large 1 kilo tumour that began growing before I was born, and the intensive chemotherapy that I had to endure as a result.

In 2012, I started experiencing kidney failure due to the damage my kidney had endured over the course of my life.

However, In 2015, my Dad Brendon was finally able to donate a kidney to me. The kidney transplant went well.

A year to the day of the transplant, dad and I did a triathlon!

Harry - 14

I have stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease so Kidney Health Australia is a foundation close to my heart. They were very supportive and helpful when I was diagnosed. Sending me booklets and information they couldn’t have been more helpful. 

People don't realise how important our kidneys are or what happens when they stop working. We need to continue to raise awareness and get the message out there!

Nicole - 30