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Red Socks Run 2023

My Red Socks Run for Kidney Health

This October, Iā€™m going to Red Socks Run as life depends on it.

By running, walking, or riding 60km I want to raise awareness of the 60hrs that people affected by kidney disease need to spend on dialysis each month.

Please donate to my page to raise funds for research into life-saving treatments, and provide support to the families of the 66 Australians that lose their life each day to kidney disease.

YOU can make a difference ā€“ Join me and help create a future where kidney health is a priority for all Australians.

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Matthew Serpell

Awesome effort David, and for such a good cause!


David Worthington


Matthew Van't Hof



Great cause Bear !! I have benefited directly from research in this area.


Julien Capraro

Great work Dave!


Sal Christie

Dad having kidney failure, I’m fully for this. Luv you my favourite hairy man


Roger Jeffrey


Russell Dawson


Des Henderson

Nice one big fella


Jeffrey Daniel


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Stephen Kerr


Igor Jovanovic

Well done Dave, love the effort. All the best on the day!


Tony Matheson

Great cause Steve. Looking forward to those diary updates!



Run fat boy, run



Love you work Bear.


Ben Couldrey

¡Corre bien, amigo!


Pratham Bhandari


Andrew Mcvay

Just want to see the pain on your face when you get back from a 5km run šŸ˜‚. Jokes aside, great cause


Leon Poggioli

Nice work


Judy Ray


Marion Cuolahan



Nice work Stephen. šŸŒŸ Looking forward to all the hairy details!




Pete Fraser

Great work Dave. All the best from the CrowdStrike Services Team. Cheers Pete



Worthy cause - go Dave go!


Gloria Kerr