Fundraising Tips

Here’s how you can get started...

Plus some handy tips for successful fundraising!

Personalise your page

Put up a photo of yourself and share a little bit about why you have chosen to raise funds for Kidney Health Australia.

Make the first donation

People will be encouraged to see that you are supporting your own fundraiser by making the first donation. It doesn’t need to be a large gift—it’s more about the gesture of leading the way.

Share your page

Someone is more likely to support your fundraiser if you approach them directly. For as many people as you can, send a personal email or message. Once you’ve done that, try the broader approaches like posting a link to your page on social media.

Keep updating your target

If you hit your fundraising target, or you are close to reaching it – increase it!

Ask again!

People often need reminding, if you asked them once and they haven’t donated – ask again, they may have just forgotten and won’t begrudge a friendly reminder.

Say thank you

It’s really important that you thank the people who make donations on your page.

Fundraising Top Tips

Pull up your Red Socks- Wear your red socks with pride, in fact, wear them all month! Share selfies of your red socks and why you’re wearing them with a link to your online fundraising page.

Be Specific- Ask your friends and family for a $60 donation for the 60 hours a month a person spends on dialysis a month.

Share on socials- Make it fun, make it red and make it all month long! Take sock selfies all month and get creative, do a sock dance, sock puppets, show your red socks under your business pants.

Get your gym involved- Ask your gym to host a Red Socks challenge. Have a stationary bike or daily gym class to count towards the gym's kms. Run comps, raffles and prizes for donations and fundraising.

Do a Red Socks challenge at work- Ask your boss or HR team to hold a Red Sock competition or Red Socks day. See if your workplace will dollar match.

Pay in money

The easiest way is to deposit the money onto your online fundraising page via a credit card.

To provide cash donors with a tax-deductible receipt, click on the My Donations tab of your dashboard to access the Add Offline Donation button. Enter your donor's details and make the payment using a credit or debit card. A tax deductible receipt will be sent to the email address provided for all donations over $2.

To find out your impact, visit Why We Need You page.