Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Explore our FAQ’s and find fast answers to your Red Socks Run questions

What is Red Socks Run? 

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A free virtual campaign to raise awareness and funds that can lead to life-changing research, vital support services and treatments for kidney disease.

Run, walk or ride 60km in October while wearing your red socks.

Register online today.

When is the Red Socks Run?

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1st – 31st October.

Over the month of October complete your 60km challenge, at your own pace or in a team.

Who can participate in the Red Socks Run?

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Everyone! Whether you’re walking, running, riding or rolling – anyone can be part of the Red Socks Run.

What is the significance of 60km? 

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People who need dialysis treatment to survive are attached to a machine for an average of 60 hours per month. During dialysis, as blood is being filtered by a machine and returned to the body, people get really cold, especially their feet.

I can't run - how do I participate?

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You don’t need to run, you can walk or ride, swim. Anything you feel comfortable doing.

You can still get your friends and family together and clock those miles as a team if you don't want to do it alone. 

What is a team and how do I start one? 

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Getting your friends and family involved in the Red Socks Run is a great, fun way to stay motivated throughout the month of October.

Being part of a team is a great way to pool your kms. Everyone logs their own fundraising and milestones and it all counts towards your team’s success!

Setting up a team is easy. When you go to register just click the team icon and follow the prompts .

How do I join a team?

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During your registration you will have the option to join a team.

If you have already registered as an individual and want to join a team. Search for the team you would like to join and simply click the Join Us button on the team page while logged into your account. This will automatically connect you to the team.  

What is a workplace and how do I start one? 

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A workplace is a type of team that you can set up for your organisation. Register your workplace here.

Can I sign up after the 1st October? 

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Of course you can! The Red Socks Run takes place between the 1st -31st October, you can sign up and participate. 

Do I need to complete 60km?

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No, you can choose your own goal whether it's lower or higher than 60km. No matter how far you walk, run or ride, every kilometre will help raise awareness and vital funds for kidney disease. 


Is there a minimum amount I have to fundraise?

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There is no minimum amount you need to raise. We would appreciate you to raise as much as you can. Every dollar you raise will help us continue to combat kidney disease.

What do I do if I receive cash donations or a cheque?

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The easiest thing is to make the payment yourself to your online page using your credit card with their cash. Remember to make it in the name of the person who donated though so they get the receipt.

If you do not want to pay donations online, or you receive a cheque please fill out the paper sponsorship form from your pack and follow the steps on the form to return it to us.

Where does the money raised go?

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Funds raised by the Red Socks Run will go towards Kidney Health Australia's support services to help people affected by kidney disease and ensure more Australians look after their kidney health. You can find out more about our impact on the Why we need your help page.

How do I update my fundraising goal? 

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Log in to your dashboard on the page and click the link to ‘Edit Profile’. You can update your fundraising goal whenever you like.

I am no good with technology. How do I share my fundraising page on Facebook?

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It’s simple! When you log into your fundraising page you should see the Facebook logo. Just click on that icon and write what you would like to add.

You can also do it from your Facebook account. There you should see a box that asks you “What’s on your mind?” All you have to do is paste the link/URL that’s been emailed to you for your fundraising page into that box and copy and paste the text into the comments area.

Facebook Fundraising

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This year we have added a Facebook Fundraising feature which allows you to create a facebook fundraiser as well. It’s super simple.

Just click on the “See my facebook fundraiser” under your user name on your dashboard. Follow the prompts and it will create a Facebook Fundraiser for you. Donations via Facebook will automatically be updated on your fundraising page

Can I post my journey on the Red Socks Run social media page? 

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Yes please! We’d love to see you, hear your story and support you along the way to reaching your 60km. Like the official Facebook page of the Red Socks Run. Make sure you use the #redsocksrun when posting.

I want to fundraise but don’t know where to start…

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Never fear there are so many things you can do! We have some fundraising tips to get you started, or simply call us to have a brainstorm and a chat! We will begin sending you emails to give you fundraising tips along the way.

Can people who donate get a tax deductible receipt?

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All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Anyone who donates through your online fundraising page will automatically be emailed their receipt.

How to log my kms?

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A full description of how to log your KMs is available on this page 

Is there a Community Walk in 2023? 

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The Big Red Kidney Walk has been rebranded to Red Socks Run to build greater awareness in the community of the importance of kidney health. The new brand is bold and aims to reach a wider audience and raise vital funds to support people affected by kidney disease.

There will be an opportunity for the kidney community to come together. More information to come

Can I host my own?

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You are still more than welcome to host your own walk. You can create a team online and ask people to join your team.

Where is my merchandise?
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We ask you to allow 10-14 business days once you have purchased your socks or t-shirt. Although, they usually arrive sooner. 

If you haven't received your items after 14 business days please email redsocks@kidney.org.au

I ordered the wrong t-shirt size, can I return it?
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Unfortunately, we can't accept returns or exchanges of Red Socks Run T-Shirts for wrong sizes or change of mind. 

As a not-for-profit organisation we do not have the capacity to process returns due to incorrect size. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we wish you all the best for your Red Socks Run challenge.

We suggest you gift the merch item to a family or friend as a way of saying thank you.

Didn’t find your answer?

If you would like to talk with one of our fundraising team please contact us:

E: redsocks@kidney.org.au | T: 1800 454 363