Here you will find answers to your questions. If you need any further support, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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How can I register to fundraise?

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Click Get Started and choose your fundraising activity. 

Read and agree to the Kidney Health Australia Community Fundraising Terms & Conditions and Waiver. When you complete the sign up form a personal fundraising webpage is created so you can start collecting donations online straight away.

If you are undertaking any activity in addition to collecting donations online, we will need to first provide a letter of Authority to Fundraise.

To issue your Authority to Fundraise we need to first assess that your proposed activity meets these guidelines, terms and conditions.

A member of our Fundraising team will be in contact to discuss your fundraising plans in more detail within two business days or you can call us on 1800 454 363 to discuss your activity ahead of registering.

How do I fundraise?

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Here are 3 simple steps to get your fundraising started:

1. Back yourself! Be the first to donate and the rest will follow!

2. Spread the word! Social media, emails or a humble conversation with your friends, family and workmates can be very successful ways to ask for support.

3. Call us! Once you’ve signed up we will send out an email with fun and interesting fundraising ideas, but don’t be shy to call us on 1800 454 363 – we’re here to help!

Click here for other tips and ideas.

Do I have to set a fundraising goal?

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A fundraising goal not only gives you something to aim and plan for, but will also encourage your family and friends to assist you in reaching your goal to support families affected by kidney disease.

What if I don’t reach my goal?

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Every dollar counts! If you’re worried about not reaching your goal, get in touch with us anytime by email events@kidney.org.au or call us on 1800 454 363 ! We’re here to help with fundraising ideas and answer any questions you may have.

What insurance do I need for my event?

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The Kidney Health Australia’s public liability coverage cannot cover your activity.

If you are hosting an event where there could be a need for public liability insurance – please make sure you understand your responsibilities as the event organiser and have appropriate coverage in place.

Kidney Health Australia cannot provide advice on safety management or liability.

It is the responsibility of the organiser to plan and implement effective safety management and meet their duty of care to event participants, volunteers, employees, contractors and the public.

The Kidney Health Australia public liability coverage does not extend to third-party activities. 

Organisers should be aware of their personal liability and understand that they will not be covered by any policy held by Kidney Health Australia if they proceed.

Anyone involved in the fundraising activity or event is doing so of their own initiative and not in an official capacity as a Kidney Health Australia volunteer.

Organisers must ensure they have sufficient insurance in place. This may include insurance coverage in addition to public liability.
Kidney Health Australia cannot offer advice on what coverage organisers should have in place for their event/activity.

Kidney Health Australia accepts no responsibility for loss, liability or injury, occupational health & safety or welfare claims arising from any third-party fundraising event or activity.

Please check Kidney Health Australia’s Community Fundraising Guidelines for more information as you go about your fundraising.

What do I do if I receive cash donations or a cheque?

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The easiest thing is to make the payment yourself to your online page using your credit card with their cash. Remember to make it in the name of the person who donated though so they get the receipt.

If you do not want to pay donations online, or you receive a cheque please fill out the paper sponsorship form from your pack and follow the steps on the form to return it to us.

Where does the money raised go?

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Funds raised will go towards people affected by kidney disease and ensure more Australians protect their kidney health. You can find more about our impact on the About page

I am no good with technology. How do I share my fundraising page on Facebook?

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It’s simple! When you log into your fundraising page you should see the Facebook logo.  Just click on that icon and write what you would like to add.

You can also do it from your Facebook account. There you should see a box that asks you “What’s on your mind?” All you have to do is paste the link/URL that’s been emailed to you for your fundraising page into that box and copy and paste the text into the comments area. 

I want to fundraise but don’t know where to start…

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Never fear there are so many things you can do! We have some fundraising tips to get you started, or simply call us to have a brainstorm and a chat!  Take a look at our Fundraising Support page with Tips and Resources. Once you register we will send you emails to give you fundraising tips along the way.

Can people who donate get a tax deductible receipt?

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All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Anyone who donates through your online fundraising page will automatically be emailed their receipt.

What promotional materials will be provided from Kidney Health Australia?

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We can provide you with the following to help make your event successful:

  • Personalised Facebook cover photo and profile picture
  • Personalised digital promotional poster for your event
  • Digital promotional flyers
  • Event website