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My Red Socks Run for Kidney Health.

I am taking part in the RED SOCKS RUN CHALLENGE this October. I will be walking 60km over the month of October to help raise funds for Kidney Health Australia. 

Did you know that you can lose up to 90% of kidney function before having any symptoms. Once your kidneys reach failure, there is no cure. Dialysis (60 hrs per month, hence the 60km) or kidney transplant are the only options to stay alive. 

I’ll be pulling up my RED SOCKS for Ethan. Our brave little boy who is living with frequently relapsing nephrotic syndrome. A syndrome where the cause for Ethan (and many others) is still unknown, where there is no cure and where treatment is a guessing game that involves killing the immune system (causing a raft of other issues) with horrible drugs that aren’t even approved by the TGA for this purpose. 

He’s a little boy who is brave and resilient (braver than I). A three year old who knows the way to the hospital, who no longer cries when he has his blood tests, whose legs cramp and ache from the meds, who thinks peeing into a cup or a wee bag daily is normal, who happily lines up for his multiple meds, who is often limited to just 600mL of water in a day, who knows the word potassium and that certain foods (bananas, chips and chocolate for example, all kids’ favorites!!) have too much and he can’t eat them. 

It’s unfair and it breaks my heart… 

Yet, it’s important to remember, we are the lucky ones still, he’s a three year old who is still healthy (compared to many others), he’s still smart, happy, playful and a little brute! 

I’m raising awareness and funds to work toward research for better treatment options and of course for a cure for my Ethan and for the 25,000 other people who are currently living with kidney failure in Australia.  

Im walking for hope, hope that one day all this will stop, that there will be research, that we will find a cause, we will find better treatment options and maybe, just maybe, one day a cure.

Please support us and let me know if you want to join me on my RED SOCKS RUN CHALLENGE the more the merrier! 

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Jackie And Colin Eckert

Wish it could be more. But every little bit helps.



God bless you guys. I pray they find a cure for your son so he can live a happy healthy life.


Janet Skinn

Go well Jas


Kylie Matthews

Sending love to your beautiful little boy Ethan xxx


Melissa Thredgold

Backing you guys and your brave little man 100%


Katie & Rhys Van Iersel

All the best guys!


Josh And Leah Davey

Keep up the great work mate! Ethan has some amazing parents and a great big sister by his side!!


Jarrod & Georgie Sampson


Lucy Ferris

Good on ya Jase! Good luck 👟


Geoffrey Carlaw

Good luck Jason .


Tamie Jones

Good Luck with your 60km and a big high 5 to your most courageous little man for being so brave!



Good luck team Eckert


Michael Dankowski


Brett Mcmahon


Dylan Edwards


Mandy Woodward

👏👏 well done team Eckert wishing you and your little man all the best.


Jason Eckert