Kidney Kar Rally 2023

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Chelsea was born with PKD (Polocystic Kidney Disease). At the age of 12 her kidneys completely failed sending her onto dialysis. She was a young teenager spending 30 hours a week connected to a machine to stay alive while the doctors rushed to find a match. Thankfully her dad was a match and within 12 months she received a life saving kidney from her dad in 2013. Growing up with kidney disease was hard, Chelsea missed school, school camps, sleepovers and more. Thankfully through Kidney Kids Camps she was able to create friendships that last a life time with other kids from across Australia also living with kidney disease. 

Fast forward 5 years, unfortunately that transplant rejected, sending her back onto dialysis. She spent the  next 4 years waiting for ‘the call’. 

January 2020, she received a life saving kidney from a selfless donor. She’s now 24 and raising money for kids like her who live with Kidney disease. help her help kidney kids. 

Kevan and Chelsea are participating in the 2023 Kidney Kar Rally to raise much needed funds for Kids with Kidney Disease. Every $1 counts.  

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What a fantastic & selfless thing to do, after going through so much yourself, Chelsea! Safe travels, best wishes & keep well!! 🙏🤗


Matthew Mcmahon

Living your best life! Congratulations