Bega Nifty Nephrons

Red Socks Run

Our Red Socks Run for Kidney Health.

This October, we're going to Red Socks Run like a life depends on it.

By running, walking or riding 60km we want to raise awareness of the 60hrs that kidney disease patients need to spend on dialysis each month.

Please donate to our page to raise funds for research into life-saving treatments, and provide support to the families of the 63 Australians that lose their life each day to kidney related diseases.

YOU can make a difference – Join us and help create a future where kidney health is a priority for all Australians.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Grateful Colleague

I was a renal JMO a thousand years ago and know first hand the wonderful work you all do! we are so lucky to have your skills care for our community


Darren Thackeray


James Cownie

Love ya ! ❤️‍🔥


Girish Talaulikar


Colin Hawkins

Hi Clancy. 60kms will be a piece of cake for you! This is a great cause and you are a Champ for raising funds to support it. Happy running!!


Lake House Mob

Cracking effort sir!


Jenny Stewart


Tracey Savage


Kate Stewart


Zac, Jess, Sharlee, Steph & Josie





Good on ya Tracey!


Polly Baranco

It’s actually Gemma, but Polly can have all the glory!!


Clancy Tucker



Go team Bega!


Kate Stewart


Petrina Thompson




Jodie Bee

You are Amazing!!






Jodie Mitchell


Patricia Linehan

Go team … great effort


Pip O'reilly

Run Nephrons Run


Jade Cummings


Sharyn Wotton

Good on you Kate


Brenda Ramstadius


Tracy Millard

Good on you, T2 🌻