Bel's Big red Westival

By Belinda Peri Join Me

In 2017-18, 1.0% of Australians, 237,800 people are documented as having Kidney Failure (KF) by the Australian government. That number has remained pretty stable, however our indigenous population are at twice the risk for developing KF.  

There is no cure. Dialysis or a kidney transplant are needed to stay alive.

In Nov 2019 I developed acute KF and was  on daily home dialysis the following May.

It was  an incredible shock to me and Tony and despite being an RN I had little to no  knowledge of KF and the toll it would take on our lives. Tony and I approached all the changes together - we are a team! However I had many complications and the path was not straightforward.

Almost immediately I knew I was going to need a Kidney Transplant down the track. The wait time can be 3 to 7 years for most and longer for others. I was really surprised at how little knowledge there was about KF in the public space and further, how little money was allocated and raised for research. Treatment for KF has remain almost unchanged for 40+ years.  

On July 1, 2022, I received a deceased donor kidney transplant under the team at Westmead Hospital. It is one of the hardest things I have gone through, but four months down the track I feel fantastic and it has transformed our lives.

To celebrate we are having a private event to celebrate my birthday and to thank those that have helped us. Instead of gifts, except for Tony :) - we are asking friends to donate to kidney research.

We want to thank all the friends and strangers who have prayed, loved, and encouraged us. Thank those that provided practical assistance to get me to appointments, church and cafes when I couldn't drive. Those who provided meals and those who provided financial assistance. Your generosity has humbled, overwhelmed and encouraged us.

Thank you to the dialysis team at Blacktown Hospital who got us through the first three years with kindness, care, laughter and expertise. 

Thankyou to Dr BB (Nephrologist), Dr RB (Endocrinologist) and Dr MH (GP - the brains trust who holds all my medical knowledge together), who do and will continue to provide compassionate, thought out and knowledgeable care to me. To Prof HP (Transplant Surgeon), and Dr DD (Vascular Surgeon) who worked together to save my leg, and maybe my life, after a complication post transplant.  I have been blessed by all these incredible  clinicians.

Also to the Transplant Team at Westmead Hospital whose knowledge and expertise resulted in a successful outcome. All the clinicians are kind, knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and importantly incredibly thorough and attentive to details. Nothing was to much trouble. Thank you also for respecting my nursing background and trusting me with early days off from the clinic so we could sleep in, knowing I would come in if I was worried. 

Thanks to CP (Psychologist) who has helped me make sense of the last few years, challenged me, provided insight and understanding to so many aspects of my mental health navigating this path.  Able to explain my brains reaction to some things in medical terms which has helped me process new feelings, fears and frustrations and celebrate the good bits too. He continues to provide guidance navigating my new wellness, as well as appreciate the ongoing health challenges. My feet, my kidney and mental heath as I adjust to my new normal. 

Thankyou to my amazing husband Tony who has born the brunt of the many challenges we have faced over the last four years.  I honestly believe I wouldn't be here without his love, care, patience and physical strength. He has more than lived up to 'for better and for worse, in sickness and in health and to love and to cherish' , and I have flourished because of it.

Special thanks to the donor and their family for gifting me this kidney despite their grief in losing someone they loved. I cannot find adequate words to explain what an incredible positive change it has brought to mine and Tony's life. 

 All monies donated will go to Kidney Disease research at  Kidney Health Australia.





My Updates

What brings tears to my eyes.

Friday 9th Dec
Early on my psychologist asked me 'What makes me cry?' - there have honestly been few tears on this journey. I always trusted in Gods plan for me and needed all my energy to keep fighting.

Pain in my hands and fingers from the hyperparathyroidism and beginnings of osteoarthritis was the main things - almost unbearable, thank you Tony for your comfort. I wasn't able to take the pain killers that may have helped due to the poor kidney function. 

I reflected on this question quite a bit and realised the thing that brought tears to my eyes was Kindness. Something we have experienced over and over and from unexpected sources. Strangers praying all around the world, friends praying, unexpected gifts, laughter,  messages of Love and support, to both of us. So many wonderful kindnesses - the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. 

Thank you


Monday 5th Dec
To all who have donated, we are again humbled by your generosity and your kind words. Your donations have surpassed my expectations. Thank you also to all those who could come to the Westival and make it such a great event. Good to see friends in bulk and enjoy time together. Find new connections between each other, rekindle old connections and laugh and smile. I had a tremendous time.

The beginning of thanks,

Thursday 17th Nov
Thanks to Welly, Claudia and Scott for your kind words and generous contribution, I really appreciate it. Thanks for kicking off my fundraising.

xx Bel and Tony

Thank you to my Sponsors



Thanks for raising awareness of the need for donors and for demonstrating the life-changing results for recipients.




Michael And Hope Hokama

We love you Bel and Tony and are so grateful for the wonderful care you have received! Much love to you on your birthday!


Sean O’grady

Peace and love


Lani & Phil Kersh


Ramy Bishay

You're an inspiration. Well done, Bel. Keep the spirit going. It's been an honour and privilege.


Lisa & Neil.

Happy Birthday Bel. Sorry we can’t be there. So glad you have a new, working kidney. Much gratitude to all who helped make this happen.


Brenden And April Dannaher

Happy birthday Bel! Looking forward to celebrating your special day. Love, April and Brenden


Amanda Frost


Sue Bali

Happy Birthday Bel! You are a woman of courage and I’m so thankful for the friendship we’ve shared over the decades….. You’ve never shied away from tough challenges and your transplant journey has been just that, and you’ve nailed it!!! What an example you & Tony have been to us all, it’s an honour to donate to Kidney Health because I love you. xx Spoon


Bronwyn King

Hi Belinda I'm Keli (Bic)'s sister. She mentioned your fundraising so of course I wanted to donate. Thanks for organising it. Cheers, Bron


Scott Broadway

So encouraged by your, and Tony's, faithful witness through all of the ups and downs, and countless challenges, of how love acts in the face of adversity, struggles, and personal trials. Of course, one of the results of it all is the greater platform from which the two of you can now better teach your friends and call us to mirror what we have seen in your lives, to the benefit of others! So grateful for the miraculous which has been made manifest in your life, Bel, and blessed by the opportunity to contribute to this cause on your behalf. Regretting the distance between us all which makes being physically present at the Westival an impossibility, I send so much love from Nashville.





Bel, I have been so impressed by your strength, resilience and faith through this season in your life. What a blessing and comfort it must be to have had Tony by your side. Thank you for your continuous positivity that you have shared with us during your challenges.


Helen & Cliff

Dear Bel and Tony, You have been an inspiration to us both and we are so pleased that the transplant has been a great success. It's so wonderful to hear you sing again, Bel! Helen & Cliff.


Peter Lipsett


Kim And Robyn Oates

Bel and Tony, You are both inspirations.


Margo Peri

Dear Bel, A kidney transplant that has changed your life to normality again. The best birthday present ever!! Happy birthday, and good luck in everything ahead. Margo Mxx


Suren And Dileeni


Margaret Hamilton


Rusty & Li Li



So proud of you Bel and love your faith!


Amanda Dunn

Beautiful words Bel, of honour and thanks to the many who have been with you on the journey. You are the champion in this story, the lead role, the hero and you are amazing. I’m so glad you are doing so well now. Much love, Welly


Julijana Trifunovic

What a journey you have been on.Im so happy you now have a kidney and life is better. Love ya. X


Justin Moffatt

Yes! We admire you Bel. You, and your faith.


Simone & Greg Murphy

Well done Bel on making it through such a difficult time and Congratulations on your Birthday, love always Greg, Simone & Ryan :) xxx


Amanda Crowfield

Dearest BS (well you used to be!) Happiest of birthdays, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate and honour your birthday than your "Red Westival" and the opportunity to donate here. I hope you have a wonderful day! I will be with you in spirit. Much love, AF (well I used to be!)


Andrew And Amanda Martin

We love you Bel! ❤️ Amanda Andy Abigail & Tabitha xxxx


Keli Roberts-frost

So lovely to meet you when we had kidney transplants 4 days apart. Really wonderful to see you looking and feeling so fantastic recently. You’ve been through so much and deserve all the best. Happy Birthday Bel! Kel x


Marie Hubbard




Ed Dickerson


Ros And Ian


Ros And Ian


Derek Smith


Kathryn Delaney

You are an inspiration to me Bel.


Kylie Stanton

happy birthday beautiful bel ❤️❤️❤️


Doug Riley

Love you Bel


Alli & Steve Lewis

Here’s to you Bel, our lovely friend, and all those who will benefit from a new kidney!


Xioli Narvaez


Jeanette Lawson

Don't forget to have s happy birthday. Hope you continue to improve health wise. Love to you and Tony.


Ros And Ian


Claudia Chambers

Great Mel -am sorry to miss the Westival, claudia x


Graham Vant

Hi Belle all the best regards graham and annabelle


Deb Earnshaw

Happy Birthday Bel, Much love to you and I hope we can catch up soon


Ros And Ian


Will Chivers

Such a great cause, Bel. You’re such an encouragement to me personally. I hope the event is a great success!


Marcel Koolhoven

Hey Bel You have your faith and your determination to beat this ! Your mental strength has left all of us in disbelief! You helped me in my darkest years and I hope somehow I gave you some help too ! With Tony by your side and family and friends you have made it to the end ; stronger than ever ! So proud of you Bel ; love you 😍 Marcel xxx


Soph Barraclough

I love you bel