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My Red Socks Run for Kidney Health

As many of you know, I plan to donate a kidney soon for my dad. Since we aren’t a direct match, we need to wait for a paired match to come up, so my kidney will go to someone who needs it, and their donor’s kidney will go to dad. 

The waiting is long and frustrating. And while we wait, dialysis keeps him alive.

Instead of just waiting idly, this October, I’m going to Red Socks Run as life depends on it.

By running, walking, or riding 60km I want to raise awareness of the 60hrs that people affected by kidney disease need to spend on dialysis each month.

Please donate to my page to raise funds for research into life-saving treatments, and provide support to the families of the 66 Australians that lose their life each day to kidney disease.

YOU can make a difference – Join me and help create a future where kidney health is a priority for all Australians.

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Tuesday 24th Oct
🩸1 in 10 Australians have signs of kidney disease. 

🩸90% of kidney function can be lost before you have any symptoms. 

🩸66 people die from kidney disease every day.

🏃‍♀️I have 30km to go to reach my target in the #redsocksrun 

😖I have 2 sprained ribs. They hurt. 

🩸People with kidney disease spend 60 hours a month on dialysis whether they feel like it or not. 

So I’m going to finish my 120km. And with your support I’m hoping to raise even more money for @kidneyhealth 

Thank you for all the support so far. Dad and I appreciate it xx

My first 6km

Sunday 1st Oct
Rockin those red socks!

Why red socks?

Sunday 1st Oct

I do not like to draw attention to my appearance. Bright red socks would not ordinarily be found in my wardrobe! But today I put them on proudly and strutted out into the world hoping that people would say, what’s with the weird red socks? And then look to my shirt for the explanation! 

So what IS with the red socks?

Australians undergoing dialysis spend an average of 60 hours per month strapped to a machine that cleans their blood.

Although it’s a life-saving treatment the aftermath can leave people feeling extremely fatigued, unwell, dizzy and nauseous. Whilst on dialysis, a person's body will get very cold, particularly their feet.

I have begun clocking my kms with a 6km walk today. The first half was with my husband, child and dogs, and the second half was by myself listening to an audio book. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to be out for a stroll. I am grateful for the ability to do so. ❤️

What a start!

Wednesday 30th Aug
I have been preparing for dad's kidney transplant for nearly 2 years now. The first 12 months involved lots of tests and scans etc to make sure I was fit and well enough to live with one kidney. 

During that time dad had one kidney removed to make space for a good one, and he started dialysis. It was a rough time, as his remaining kidney was pretty angry about the extra workload, and started playing up, causing him agonising pain and several hospital visits. 

The second year has been a real roller coaster. 

We had a match earlier in the year, but within four days of the transplant there were some complications and the surgery had to be cancelled. Dad needed to have his remaining kidney removed because it was just too hostile! First it was pissed about the extra workload, then it was cranky that it was getting a new roommate! Can't keep that guy happy. He had to go. 

This was a devastating time, as we were so ready for the transplant and for dad to get back to a relatively normal life. But we know that it all turned out the way it was meant to, as the mean kidney would have probably damaged or even killed the new roommate. 

Now dad has no kidneys, and is fully reliant on dialysis to keep him alive. He felt a lot better once the toxic kidney was evicted, but he still has good days and bad days. For a man who has always been so active and energetic and healthy, it's frustrating to be limited. 

We are now back on the Paired Kidney Exchange list and waiting for a match. It feels like it's taking a long time, but I am trying to see it as an opportunity to get as healthy as I can in the lead up to surgery. 

I have given up alcohol and I'm trying to increase my strength and fitness. You don't HAVE to give up alcohol if you donate a kidney - you can still drink in moderation. But I REALLY love wine. And with all the drama and several other excuses, I was finding it a bit too easy to have an extra glass. So it was time for a break. Maybe not forever, but at least for now. 

In terms of fitness, I had been doing really well up until the cancelled transplant, and then I kind of gave up for a while. So I'm starting again. 60km across a whole month sounded super easy to me, but when I looked at the data from the last 6 months, I am nowhere near that! So this is a bit of a push for me, but I'm confident I can do it, especially with all the support I've already received from this fundraiser! 

My dad, and many other people, spend 60 hours a month on dialysis. So I will do 60km of exercise and be grateful that I have the opportunity and ability to do that. 

So thank you for your support! It really does mean a lot to me, and to dad. 

Emma x 

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No words can say how wonderful you are...well done...happy to help younreach your goal


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Such a gift Em. Your a wonderful human being 💓




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A great cause for your great Dad. xo


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All the best Emma and thanks for raising this awareness.


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A small donation for two wonderful ppl. Love you Em


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What a wonderful daughter, hope everyone involved stays healthy


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You're doing such an amazing thing, Emma! Thank you for letting us support you!


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