In memory of Heather Marshallsay

By Jessica Marshallsay Join Me

It’s a year since Mum passed away from the side effects of kidney disease.

There are over 25,000 people in Australia living with kidney failure. There is no cure. Dialysis or a kidney transplant are needed to stay alive, but they aren’t always successful.

It always meant a lot to Mum to help other people, so it feels fitting to raise money for Kidney Health Australia in her honour.

Please support me and help fund vital services and research to ensure those affected can live their best lives.

Together we can transform the future for everyone affected by kidney disease.

Thank you for your support!

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Louise And Peter And The Tribe In Canberra

Great idea Jess. Mum would love it xxxxx


Andrew Marshallsay


Kate And John

What a lovely way to honour your mum xxxx


Chris And Hannah.


Vickie Mcgrath


Jessica Marshallsay



Thinking of you Jess


Townsend Family


Lucy Marshallsay


Lucy Gillam

What a wonderful thing to do, Jess. Your mum would be so proud xx


Dave And Bree Filippi


Elaine Baulderstone


Rebecca Marshallsay


Bonnie Ide

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and also your own struggle with the disease. I hope research can help you and your family down the track.


Teresa Winch


Johanna Kohler

From a fellow PKD family xx


Jon Marshallsay


Meghan Osborne


Brendan And Nicole Sims


Candice P


Rachael Anderson


Marketing Goodness

In honour of your mum x


Leigh Harder


Shoshana Kadish

From one of your fellow ravelry YHs - wishing you and your family well


Rashida Tayabali

All the best! Xx



All the best with your fundraiser x




Jemma Short


E, M & H Hornsby

Thinking of you all



Helping others in the name of your Mum is beautiful Jess ❤️