Nook Amigos

Kidney Kar Rally 2024

We are raising money to improve the lives of kid’s living with kidney disease.

We are a father daughter duo joining together as a team once again 3nd time around. David and Claire on the road again!

My Dad, Dave has been a rally participant for 7 years now and I have done it for 2 years. 

Dad has grown up in Bourke, riding motorbikes and horses. He loves his cars and bikes and is always looking for a new fix it project. He values family and friendships highly and volunteering to help others . Seeing his passion and dedication he shows for the Kidney Kar Rally, is a good example.

I myself practise nursing and this rally has given me another forfilling opportunity to see the power of a community of like minded individuals come together, and support children and young adults suffering from kidney disease.  

Last year we raised $16,000 with the massive support of those who attended our fund raising events . This year we hope to achieve the same and more as unfortuneately there is no cure for Kidney disease. Kidney disease is a silent killer and the more money raised means the more children can be financially supported, through treatment. As well as giving kids opportunity to go to fun acitivty filled, youth programs set up by Kidney Health Australia. 

I hope our personal words of what this fundraiser means to us has encouraged you to donate. As us big kids need to look out for the little kids. 

Your donation and sponsership is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to our Sponsors


David & Louise Edgley

Nook X does it again wow thankyou to all and the musicial dudes that made it happen


Auction 2023


Rfe Earthmoving

Good Luck in the Rally


Lauren Hitchens


Robert Ryan

Drive boldly Edgleys and never fear the spills.

Our Team Members