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Kidney Kar Rally 2024

Big Kids Helping Little Kids!

Short Fuse has participated in the Kidney Kar Rally since 2022 to raise money for kids with kidney disease and their families! 

It’s been an exciting, adventurous and heart warming journey, every step of the way.

Learning about this condition and hearing the stories of resilience from the kids who have grown up with it has been the highlight of our journey with KHA. 

We greatly appreciate your time to view this page and your donation, if you choose.

Peter was diagnosed with a rare condition called FSGS and had his first transplant at the age of seven. He knows how hard it can be to live with kidney disease, but it was something later in life that completely floored him.

When his daughter, Lorelei was eight years old, she developed puffy eyes, as well as a swollen tummy and legs. Sadly, she also had the same rare condition and would require a transplant.

Peter was racked with guilt, he felt like it was his fault, even though he could not have known. A genetic link has only recently come to light. When Peter and Jennifer started a family, they had no idea there was any risk.   

Thankfully a donor match was found for Lorelei. Lorelei could have the life-saving kidney transplant she’d been waiting for. After two months in hospital, she came home, and family life returned to something closer to normal.

The Kidney Kar Rally helps support kids like Lorelei by raising funds for our Kids and Youth Program. She is now 14 and recently attended a Kidney Es-Capers event in Sydney with her family where she had the opportunity to connect with her peers.

Let’s leave kidney disease in the dust! Your sponsorship or donation is greatly appreciated.

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