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You can help kids with kidney disease get
the care, treatment and support they need.

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2024 Kidney Kar Rally  


Saturday 3rd August to Saturday 10th August 2024


Deniliquin to Leeton via Hahndorf

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The Kidney Kar Rally

Join the Kidney Kar Rally to make a real impact. With 35 years of experience, this rally has raised over $16 million to help change the lives of children and young people affected by kidney disease.

This is the perfect opportunity for those seeking an adventure while experiencing the best parts of Australia. The rally includes iconic tracks, private roads, and breathtaking sights, providing a unique and exciting way to explore the beautiful Australian landscape.

The rally brings together a community of passionate drivers who share a common goal. The camaraderie of this driving community is truly amazing, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for all involved - it's one big family. 

Together, let's continue to make a real difference in the lives of kids and youth affected by kidney disease.

Meet the Rallytives

Peter has been part of the rally since the beginning and is an honouree lifetime member. 

Peter’s daughter Jodie was a kidney kid and sadly lost her life to kidney disease at the age of 22. Jodie was six years old when she was diagnosed with kidney failure and was in and out of hospital more often than not.

 Jodie participated in Kidney Kids Camps along with her sister Deb, who found the camps were a great way to bring together kids who were going through a similar journey.

 Peter and his daughter Deb take part in the rally every year, primarily to keep the memory of Jodie alive and to continue to raise funds for Kidney Health Australia’s Kids and Youth Program.

Peter & Deb Kar 54 - Grimace Too

Husband and Wife team, Vicky and Shane have been part of the rally for years.

They planned to do the rally once but on the second day in they knew it would become and annual event they both look forward to. 

Vicky has since volunteered at the Kidney Kids Camp and are both invested in raising funds for the kids. 

They are always themed pink but each year has a different theme and characters. 

We can't wait to see their costumes in 2024!

Vicky & Shane Kar 724 - Belfrayden Bandits

Since joining the Kidney Kar Rally in 2003 the local lads from Bathurst strut across the Australian outback in speedos and clown wigs bringing joy and smiles to kids affected by Kidney Disease. 

They’re a group of mates with the team rule of everyone on the team must to give the same 'time 
working on the car' and 'money raised or given'

What makes them return year on year? 

'It's the people you meet, the comradery and kids you help that keep us coming back. We've covered most of Australia now'.

Peter, Graham & Richie Kar 8 - Bathurst Surf Lifesavers Club

Need more information?

If you’d like to join our next rally or would like more information please contact.

Kidney Health Australia kidneykarrally@kidney.org.au