Kids and Youth Program

The rally has been a long term supporter of the Kidney Kids and Youth programs.

The Kidney Kids and Youth Program provides young people opportunities to connect with others like them, build strong support networks, and develop confidence and self-esteem to manage their condition.

» Kidney Es-Capers: providing families opportunity to meet and develop life-long connections 

» Kidney Kids Camp: providing kidney kids and their siblings a four-day residential camp to make friends and learn more about kidney health

» Kidney Youth Champions: providing Peer Support and Mentoring

» Kidney Knowledge Centre: providing specialised resources and information to manage kidney disease diagnosis and treatment

Children with Chronic Kidney Disease or kidney failure face many physical, emotional and psychological challenges, which can include:

  • interpersonal relationship problems
  • feelings of social isolation
  • behaviour and learning problems
  • delayed language skills development
  • delayed motor skills development
  • a negative self-image
The Kids Camp and state-based activities were so important to me as it showed me that I was not alone. I made friends really fast and never had to explain myself. It's important to have friends that understand exactly what you are going through

Jack- Kidney Kid

I am lucky, I have a good support network, but even then it makes a huge difference to talk to someone who really understands because they've been there and they have experienced it for themselves 

Rebecca - Parent