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My Red Socks Run for Kidney Health.

This October, I’m going to do Red Socks Walk and cycle (I wish I can run long distance but i cannot) like a life depends on it.

By running, walking or riding 60km I want to raise awareness of the 60hrs that kidney disease patients need to spend on dialysis each month.

Please donate to my page to raise funds for research into life-saving treatments, and provide support to the families of the 63 Australians that lose their life each day to kidney related diseases.

YOU can make a difference – Join me and help create a future where kidney health is a priority for all Australians.

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Monday 3rd Oct
Hi i am Joan and I found out that I have one kidney, iga Nephropathy and stage 2 kidney disease with egfr of 75 in 2008 when I did a comprehensive health assessment that I had to pay for. Even though the egfr is quite good but there was a lot of microscopic blood and protein in my urine. In 2016, my egfr was stabilising in the mid 70s my kidney specialist asks if I would like to continue to see him which I said yes i would like to. Luckily I did as my egfr drop to 45 in 2017 and I am currently at stage 3.  He was surprised and shocked so he has advised me to do kidney biopsy which has resulted to secondary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. However, they could not pin point why there is microscopic blood in my urine but they now know why there is protein in there. In 2022 and two days before my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with gout. This is the reason why I am doing the red socks run and also for those who are going through dialysis.

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Joan Briones


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What a worthwhile cause Joan.



Love this. GO JOAN!


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